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Shoulder Harness for Victim Transport

Manufactured specifically for the Paraguard Stretcher this durable shoulder harness is designed to be worn over the rescuer's shoulders.

Once the harness is on the rescuer, it is then attached to the ends of the paraguard stretcher carrying handles.

This allows the victims' weight to be distributed evenly between two paramedics as well as spreading the download load onto the shoulders, hips and legs of the medic.

This is an ideal accessory for any remote rescue or battlefield situation where help may require a long trek. If the medic was forced to use only their arms to carry the victim they would tire more quickly.

The shoulder harness also allows the medic free use of hands for emergency situations.

In use in one form or another since WWII the Paraguard Excel Stretcher has recently evolved from the popular Paraguard MKIII to provide a superior rescue stretcher.

Constructed from flame resistant materials, high quality aluminium and stainless steel, the Paraguard Stretcher is impervious to water, grease, oil and other petroleum products as well as highly resistant to corrosion and rot.

The Paraguard Stretcher is a workhorse suitable for all sorts of environments: from tight locations such as ships and oil platforms to remote locations such as mountain and water rescues.

Also available for the Paraguard Excel and required for use with the shoulder harness are a set of slot in carrying handles so that two medics can carry the victim.

Paraguard Stretcher: Excel Rescue by Ferno

Paraguard Stretcher
Shoulder Harness
For Victim Transport

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